About Us

We are a group of people of the industry, imagining experiences and experiences of many years, we decided to establish the ‘Macnc‘, a new company that provides excellent equipments and best possible services in the industrial area.

As a founding team of the ‘Macnc‘, we met many companies – suppliers of machinery and equipment – but always at the end of any cooperation, the conclusion was that we expected better service and better consistency and responsibility.

So Full of appetite, love for our work, rich in experiences, imagination and modern ideas, we want the “mechanism” to be a really good and useful partner for its customers.

Materialize, collaborating with leading machinery manufacturers distinguished, of assured quality, technology and service before and after sale. The implement, providing our customers daily, the full range of expertise required in each separate case, to take the right decision at the right time. And in practice, to make everything as agreed and more where possible, until the final ” is well ”, without omissions, without deviations, without excuses.

The implement, working with consistency and dedication to our principles and our professionalism, trying new ideas, innovations and modern practical systems, combined with our experience available but also that everyday we learn from you and our partners.

Our purpose at “Macnc” is through the choice and offer exceptional equipment and services, the creation of an enterprise with new manners and methods, to become truly effective, useful and your loyal partner. Contribute creating strong ties with each client, the rebirth of Greek manufacturing and processing craft and industry. We believe, as having experienced every Greek consequences of the crisis, that for our country, for each company and for each one of you and us, there is only one way to go forward and decisively to follow him.
We pursue the “Macnc” to be something new, different, be a positive surprise in the new era for our country.
We aim to “Macnc” is, choosing top quality equipment from selected manufacturers and supply in combination with excellent, modern learning services, support and applications at prices cheap, appropriate and adapted to the specificities of each client. With a friendly mood, full of zest and love for our work we hope – and persistently work towards this goal – to bring to the Greek industrial market new modern products and services, new methods of sales approach with a new ethos, without blur. To be effective and useful and we do really satisfied our customers, creating prosperity for themselves, our partners, our people, to our company.