Machine Description


With the mobile OMAX JetMachining® Center, the OMAX Corporation meets the specific requirements of the oil field maintenance, high-rise steel construction, shipbuilding, commercial industries supporting government programs, and any other commercial businesses needing to easily transport waterjet equipment on a regular basis. Essentially, the extremely durable and reliable system is a transportable abrasive waterjet shop mounted to a steel base with forklift access points, so the entire system can be quickly and easily moved.

  • System components rest on a durable, epoxy-coated platform that features metal tie-down rings for safe and secure shipping
  • Delivered completely assembled and factory tested; includes a direct drive pump, a chiller, water softener system, and 100 lb bulk hopper for abrasive storage


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Designed for use by the DOD and the military, the mobile waterjet by OMAX has durability, reliability and is a perfect fit for high-rise construction, ship building and mining.


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